Ministry Report: April 28, 2021

Written by Steven Frey

I am so blessed to be able to present another update of the work in Mexico. In preparing it (translating correspondence from Javier from over the past weeks and looking at the photos again) I have been moved to tears of emotion. I was reminded anew that although one can get too familiar with something and thereby have it lose its power and significance, the ministry thrust into the mountains to reach the Pame tribes is nothing short of cutting-edge missionary work. These reports from Javier are as missional as any that you will read in any missionary book, and indeed come close to the level of the encounters in the Book of Acts.

So, like me, remind yourself that you dare not yawn and become blasé because you have read Frey’s blogs before, or because you know Javier too well.

Secondly, and on a different note, I am attaching a sermon below that I very much encourage you to listen to. It is a message called God’s Call to Young Men given by Paul Washer which he presented on April 21st.


Although it is addressed specifically to young men it is a message that we all must hear and by which we must be moved to action. 

Please listen to it and let his challenge bring you closer to the Lord in your commitment to him.

The format of this blog is similar to the last ones that I have done in which I used Javier’s own correspondence and reports of the work in Mexico to present the advancement of the ministry through his own words and his own eyes.

Be blessed.


April 16, 2021

God bless you my brother, and a very good afternoon to you.

Over the past several days I have been working on our personal parcel of land. This small acreage was my wife’s inheritance when her mother passed away, and on a good year it allows us to grow several acres of sugarcane. This is where I have been working over the past several days collecting whatever sugarcane could be harvested in order for it to be delivered to the Plan de Ayala sugar mill here in Cd. Valles.

However, due to the extended drought over the past two years; again this year as last, there is almost no sugarcane at all to be harvested.

Today we delivered one truckload to the mill. Tomorrow, by God’s grace we will be finishing the harvest completely. I hope that we will be able to have at least one more complete load tomorrow, but because of the poor growth and the resulting small size of the actual sugarcane stock itself due to the extreme drought I’m not sure that we will actually be able to do so.

It has almost not been worth the labor of harvesting the sugarcane these past two years. However, it is extremely important that the mature sugarcane be cut off and that the land is cleared, or else there can be no possibility of any new growth if and when the rains ever return.

The land will now also need to be re-sown with new seed cane; however this is a futile effort and expense if we do not soon receive rain, and if this extended drought is not soon broken. Almost all of our rivers in the region have dried up, and there is no break in sight.

But we continue to place our hope and trust in God knowing that he is sovereignly in control of everything, and that he will continue to bless those who place their confidence in him.


April 19, 2021

May the almighty God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ bless you today. It is always an honor to greet you and to wish you the best even in this time of pandemic.

But I thank God that little by little all this is also passing and that we are slowly beginning to return to a sense of normalcy in work, in church, in daily living where there continues to be a lot of unending demands on our time, and in the school life of our children.

In truth, for us work is never finished because when there is none we create it. But this has been very healthy, and it has been useful to remain busy. God has kept us at all times. Even through this period of the valley of the shadow of death God has been with us.

We have been busily working on the house as well. I put the door onto my office, one of the bedrooms, and onto the bathroom. We finished placing ceramic tile on the floors of the living room, the kitchen, the office, and two of the bedrooms. We also painted the living room and kitchen and one of the bedrooms. I still need to paint the office and our bedroom as well as complete the tiling of the floors of the two bathrooms and the boy’s bedroom. But we are taking it little by little, and bit by bit the house is finally getting finished.

I have now run out of funds for further work on the house, but what was accomplished so far was made possible from the last amount that was received from Voice in the Wilderness Ministries through the Newsong Church account. Thank you my brother for everything, and I thank God for using your hands and your life.

Every day it is getting more difficult here in Mexico due to scarcity, but this is how we have now learned to live. The cry of my heart is only that the work of God’s’ Kingdom will continue, and that it will advance even through these difficult times.


April 20, 2021

Tomorrow the missionary team and I will be going into the mountains again and I will not have any signal. I will communicate again when I am back in a place where there is phone service.


April 23, 2021

Good evening my brother. May the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

We have just arrived at the missionary base in Agua Nueva to begin our missionary work into the mountains of Santa Catarina. The Lord willing we will be ministering to the new believers in the communities of Agua Nueva, Milpas Viejas, Tanlacut, El Coco, Santa Catarina, and this time we also hope to be able to press on into the community of Santa María Acapulco, the very ethnic center of the Pame tribal region.

That is the agenda for this missionary trip.


April 27, 2021

God bless you my brother, and good morning. May my God, the God of Israel bless you today and always.

Thanks be to God; He has allowed us to reach places with the gospel where it is unimaginable how much need there is for Him – fertile fields, white for harvest, where the Word of God has not yet reached to conquer hearts and to establish the Kingdom of God through the Word and the love of God for the lost.

We were able to make some contact at Santa María Acapulco on this past trip into the mountains. Being able to go there was an answer to many prayers and has been my goal now for years; ever since the missionary work amongst the Pame ethnic group was begun.

It is a different world there. Many of them only speak their own Pame language, and if they speak Spanish at all they do so very hesitantly and imperfectly. Much of our ministry there will probably need to begin with the children who have a better grasp of Spanish than do the adults.

Further, the tribal people there in the deep mountains were very closed and suspicious of us. I think that the best strategy will probably be for us to see about acquiring a small place there which we can purchase in order to establish a base from which to operate, and through which we can begin to gain their confidence. They are extremely poor and suspicious of mestizos and outsiders, but because of their poverty this might also be a way that we can gain their confidence through the distribution of used clothing and shoes as God makes these available to us to take to them. This strategy has not worked well in other areas of the Pame region because they do not have the same dire needs, however it does appear that it might be a good way to open doors to the gospel here.

We also heard about a brother in the region who has been sent out by the Methodist Church whose work is Bible translation into the tribal language. We have yet to meet him, but this is an obvious link in the work as it will be very important that they can receive the Bible in their own language as many of them cannot read Spanish. My understanding is that he is currently working on the New Testament. We hope to connect with him soon.

Being aware of all the difficulties of this work I still am confident that God will open doors for us, and that in so doing he will open hearts quickly for the gospel. Where the Word of Life comes, God brings forth fruit through the power of His Spirit.

I hope to arrive back in Cd. Valles early this evening and be able to communicate with you tonight.



April 27, 2021

We just celebrated our fifteenth anniversary at The House of the Potter; the church in which we minister in the community of Solidaridad.

How many victories and experiences we have had over these fifteen years!

I thank my God, I thank you, and I thank the churches that have been sowing into this missionary work. May each of you be strengthened in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I wish to specifically send my thanks to Listowel Church in Canada, to Newsong Church in the United States, to you my dear brother and your wife for all of your years of work here in Mexico, and to the many others who have come to Cd. Valles or have given towards the work, and especially to those who have continually held the ministry up in prayer.

The work here in Cd. Valles and the advancement of the gospel through the mission outreaches has all been a joint work. We are fellow laborers, ministering together in the gospel of our Lord and Savior. Glory be to his name

We continue to press forward in order to reach more souls who have not yet known the Word of God.

I know that my remaining time in which to minister is short but I want to take advantage of all that I can that remains of my life, and to grasp what remains without wasting any of it in order that I can reach many and unite them to the heart of Christ and to fulfill the purpose of God while there is still breathe in me.

Lord God, establish your kingdom in me and in their hearts with your unchanging love. Thank my Lord.

May God bless you all.

Thank you,



I trust that this ministry update has been a blessing to you. Please do not hesitate to respond to me at my personal email address at: steve_frey_74@yahoo.com.

Sometimes I fear that I am simply sending these ministry reports into dead cyberspace. It is always nice to know that someone is reading them. Also, please do not forget to hold our brothers and sisters up in prayer. They are truly serving in the trenches and need our prayers. Also, please remember that the work of the ministry does take finances. Any dollar sent goes 100% to the field, and nothing is held back for administrative costs here in Canada or in the United States.


Your fellow servants in Jesus Christ,

Steven and Theresa Frey

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